Getting To Know PreventEd’s Role In Community Prevention Programs

School-Based Programs

PreventEd has been a leader in the field of substance use prevention programs since 1980. Our experienced staff of teachers and counselors share a genuine passion for making a difference and improving our prevention programs. Our prevention programs are continually updating and improving through regular evaluation, meeting with individual teachers and schools, and keeping up with the best research.

Current, engaging, and interactive, we have received local and national recognition that is research-based and regularly evaluated.

Having served over 65,000 children annually, our programs:

  • Build resiliency skills in youth, kindergarten thru college
  • Create better learners and more cooperative students
  • Develop skills to refuse peer pressure, build healthy friendships and make low-risk choices
  • Create peer groups and leadership opportunities that promote bonding to school and community

K-12 Programs

Our K-12 programs are designed to help children recognize their feelings and healthily manage them.

For example, Grades K-5 has programs such as Winning Friendships, Managing My Anger, and O2BDrugFree. These programs help children learn how to develop friendships, understanding and managing anger and providing information on alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and marijuana.

Parent Meetings

Parent meetings are a series of programs that are typically an hour or more. Topics include:

  • Developmental Assets
  • Coping with a Chemically Dependent Family Member
  • Drug Trends
  • Peaceful Problem Solving
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Signs and Symptoms of Substance Misuse

These programs are designed to help parents resolve conflicts with their children in a healthy, respectful way and help build awareness of drugs and other substances.


PreventEd offers knowledgeable guest lecturers to colleges and universities. We also provide colleges and universities with the resources needed to implement campus-wide alcohol, tobacco, and other drug awareness or prevention programming.

Community-Based Programs

PreventEd offers community-based programs, typically free of charge in the St. Louis area. These programs can be tailored to suit the community’s needs.

Community Coalitions

The Prevention Resource Center (PRC) at PreventEd works with grassroots community organizations to address and fight substance misuse. Be it local businesses, parents, schools, law enforcement, or faith communities, PreventEd staff can provide training, resource, and education.

Town Halls

Involving the community as a whole to help seek solutions about the problems a community is facing is an effective way to tackle those issues.

Town halls can be an effective way to raise awareness of substance misuse in a community. Our speakers are available to organize and present at the town hall about alcohol, tobacco, or drug abuse.


Elevate is a teen-led coalition that discusses the importance of mental health in young adults. Designed for 9th-12th graders of all backgrounds, this program examines the similarities between mental health and outside factors like substance use and promotes mental wellness in our community.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is the largest and oldest drug prevention program in the United States. Many adults now may remember these programs from their own time at school! Established in 1980, Red Ribbon Week provides:

  • Awareness
  • Advocacy
  • Resources

Red Ribbon Week is free and keeps students in the know with the latest facts about substance use awareness, and teaches students how to create their own Red Ribbon school activities.

Youth Advocacy

At PreventEd, we advocate for our youth and teach them how to be strong advocates for themselves. Through Elevate and Speak Hard, young people learn about advocacy and substance use prevention, as well as spending an afternoon at the State Capitol meeting with legislators and learning about how legislation may prevent alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse.

Teen Institute

The Teen Institute by PreventEd is a 4-day retreat designed to train 75-100 high school students to prevent substance misuse among their peers. Hosted by our team of prevention educators and a full-time nurse, these professionals work with teens who are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles in not only their own life but the lives of those around them.

Teens participate in workshops, games, sports, and more.

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