Cannabis Legalization in Missouri

In Missouri, Amendment 3 was approved by voters for the legalization of adult use cannabis. PreventEd believes substance misuse should be addressed as a public health concern. Responding through the criminal justice system does not provide equitable opportunities for evidence- based treatments and recovery in a behavioral health setting.  Additionally, PreventEd objects to the commercialization of cannabis because, as seen with alcohol and nicotine, commercially profiting from addictive substances provides powerful incentives for industry to expand markets to vulnerable populations, including young children, with advertising messages and images that promote use.  

Explore the tabs below for more information on our priority areas for legalization regulations as adult use cannabis is implemented in Missouri.


Adult use cannabis should not be available under the age of 21. Penalties for selling to an underage individual should be calibrated to deter violations of laws. 

Product limits

Products should be designed in ways not to appeal to the underage population, including, but not limited to restrictions on edibles, flavoring, creative artwork, and similar tactics. Additionally, limits should exist on product potency for adult use purposes as well as the amount of product an individual can possess at a given time, in order to limit diversion for resale or to vulnerable populations.  


State and local health officials should be required to inspect all aspects of the supply chain from cultivation to sale to ensure compliance with state and local regulations, including: sanitation, product testing, purity, and other restrictions.  


Advertising should be restricted in a manner consistent with constitutional protections. Every product sold should contain factual statements warning against the potential for misuse and use disorder, potential side effects, and potency. Products should also be clearly labeled as not to be used for those under the age of 21.  


A material portion of tax revenues garnered from adult use cannabis sales should be dedicated to address the health impacts of increased cannabis use.  

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One of PreventEd’s top legislative priorities is ensuring that Amendment 2, Missouri’s medical marijuana program, is implemented in a way that promotes transparency, legitimacy, and the public health.

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