Legislative Priorities

PreventEd advocates for policies that reduce the risks of substance use and provide interventions that help protect from the harms of substance use. Our support for policies are rooted in the understanding that substance use disorders are a brain disease that can be prevented by reducing risk and increasing protective factors. PreventEd believes substance misuse should be addressed as a public health concern with equitable opportunities for evidence- based treatments and recovery in a behavioral health setting.


PreventEd recognizes that the most effective way to address substance use disorder is to prevent it in the first place. Dedicated funding to school and community based prevention is the most efficient means to stemming the growing tide of substance use.


PreventEd will continue to promote policies designed to ensure Missouri’s medical cannabis program is implemented in a way that promotes transparency, legitimacy, and public health.

Opioid Crisis

PreventEd supports legislation designed to reduce the initiation of opioid misuse by building community and individual resiliency skills and addressing risk factors. We oppose policies that promote discriminatory or ineffective practices, inhibit treatment, or harm those with substance use disorders.


PreventEd supports legislation that decreases a minor’s exposure to cigarette, cigar, and hookah smoke, as well as vapor from e-cigarettes and vaporizers and provide clarity for vendors. While the federal government has implemented a nationwide Tobacco 21 policy, Missouri law currently reflects the ability to purchase at 18, including mandatory language on signage at retailers, causing confusion for many.


Public health practices recommend the outright ban on the sale of kratom. There are no medically recognized benefits to the supplement, however kratom can cause death and has other deleterious health impacts.


PreventEd supports policies that reduce youth access to alcohol. This includes tougher penalties for sales and serving to minors, deterring caregivers from supplying alcohol, ensuring minors don’t have access to easily concealable, easily misused products like powdered alcohol, and raising alcohol excise taxes.

Medicaid Expansion

In August 2o20, Missourians voted to expand Medicaid coverage. PreventEd encourages the Missouri General Assembly to implement this expansion and avoid efforts to circumvent the will of the voters.

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Cannabis Position Statement

PreventEd’s top legislative priority for 2020 is ensuring that Amendment 2, Missouri’s medical marijuana program, is implemented in a way that promotes transparency, legitimacy, and the public health.

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Contact Your Legislators and Local Officials

Legislators and policy makers look to you for input on these important issues. Just a few phone calls or letters from constituents can make all of the difference. Please take the time to call or write your city and county elected officials, and your representatives and senators.

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