2022 Champion Award: Chris Allen

PreventEd is honored to present the 2022 Champion Award to Chris Allen in appreciation of uncommon leadership in advocating for substance use prevention education.

Chris is currently employed as a High School Counselor for the Northwest R-1 school district. He lives in the Northwest R-1 school district and graduated from Northwest High School. He takes great pride in serving his community. Chris has obtained his Associates degree from St. Louis Community College, Bachelors of Science from Southeast Missouri State University and Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from Southeast Missouri State University. Chris received his certification in school counseling, state counseling licensure and national certification in counseling.

In college, Chris served as a resident assistant and graduate assistant for the residence life department and counseling department. After graduation, Chris went on to work as a school counselor at a private high school in St. Louis. During his time as a school counselor he developed a relationship with PreventEd (formerly NCADA) as they provided prevention programming at the school.

As Chris further developed his relationship with PreventEd (formerly NCADA) he eventually went on to be employed by the agency working as a prevention educator and then as a counselor. Chris was the lead counselor over GuidEd program (formerly the Transitional Counseling Program) and helped cultivate the program along with his outstanding colleagues.

Chris attributes some of his best memories and learning experiences as a professional to PreventEd. It is there where he met hundreds of young people and their families where he had the opportunity to serve them at their time of need. Chris also had the opportunity to oversee and drive the mobile counseling unit to serve even more youth outside St. Louis County. Chris met some of the best people at the agency many of whom became lifelong friends and mentors.

Although he no longer works at PreventEd, his partnership with the agency has continued through his implementation of Teen Mental Health First Aid and “It’s Complicated” at Northwest High School. He uses any and every opportunity to educate his students and colleagues on substance use awareness and prevention. He feels honored and blessed to have served the agency and to have a continued relationship with PreventEd. Chris attributes his PreventEd Champion Award to his colleagues past and present along with his amazing friends and family including his wonderful wife Melissa and awesome son Aaron.

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