NaloxBox Locations

In 2021, the St. Louis Metro Region accounted for 48% of all drug overdose deaths in Missouri and 79% of all drug overdose deaths among Black individuals in Missouri. St. Louis City has one of the highest overdose rates in the country, especially for Black men. Opioid overdose deaths among Black St. Louisans have increased more than 500% in the last 5 years, and according to the City of St. Louis Medical Examiner drug overdose fatalities increased in the city by 30% from 317 cases in 2017 to 448 cases in 2021. “This is tragic, especially since we have the tools to prevent such deaths. This NaloxBox program is one of those tools and will assist in saving lives,” said Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis, Director of Health for the City of St. Louis.

PreventEd and People’s Health Center have partnered to install 75 NaloxBoxes in two of the areas hit hardest by opioid overdoses in Eastern Missouri–St. Louis City and North St. Louis County. The boxes will be installed on walls, similar to defibrillator boxes, and each contain two doses of intra-nasal Narcan (naloxone), which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. The nasal spray can be administered by minimally trained bystanders, and comes with easy-to-understand instructions in multiple languages. See the proposed locations below, and stay tuned for updates on when NaloxBoxes will be in place at these locations.

Proposed Location Address Zip Code
Clinton Peabody 1401 LaSalle 63104
Buder Recreation Center 2900 Hickory Street 63104
12th & Park Rec. Center 1410 South Tucker 63104
Almost Home 3200 St. Vincent Avenue 63104
Cochran Plaza 1400 North 10th Street 63106
Gamble Recreation Center 2907 Gamble Street 63106
Biddle House 1212 North 13th Street 63106
Doorways 1101 North Jefferson Avenue 63106
Vaughn Tenant Association 1920 Cass Avenue 63106
Youth & Family Center 818 Cass Avenue 63106
STLCC Harrison Comm. Educ. Ctr. 3140 Cass Avenue 63106
Boys & Girls Club 2901 North Grand Blvd. 63107
LIV 1426 Wright Street 63107
Clay Elementary Incubator 3820 North 14th Street 63107
Parkview Apartments 4451 Forest Park Parkway 63108
West Pine Apartments 4490 West Pine 63108
Kingsbury Apartments 5655 Kingsbury 63112
Wellston Loop CDC 1514 Hodiamont Avenue 63112
Annie Malone – Page Campus 5355 Page Blvd. 63112
Peoples Health Center – Main Bldg. 5701 Delmar Blvd. 63112
Peoples Health Center – Housing 5623 Clemons Avenue 63112
Hope House 1611 Hodiamont 63112
Bayer YMCA 5555 Page Blvd. 63112
Better Family Life 5415 Page Avenue 63112
James House Apartments 4310 St. Ferdinand 63113
Restorative Justice 2727 North Taylor 63113
Tandy Recreation Center 4206 Kennerly Avenue 63113
Wohl Recreation Center 1515 North Kingshighway 63113
Annie Malone – Main Campus 2012 Annie Malone Drive 63113
Covenant House 2727 North Kingshighway 63113
Euclid Plaza Apartments 5310 North Euclid 63115
Williams & Associates 3737 North Kingshighway 63115
O’Fallon Recreation Center 4343 West Florissant Avenue 63115
Matthews Dickey Club 4245 North Kingshighway 63115
Project Cope 3529 Marcus 63115
Cherokee Recreation Center 3200 South Jefferson Avenue 63118
Dunn-Marquette Recreation Center 4025 Minnesota Avenue 63118
Garfield Place 2612 Wyoming 63118
Centennial Commons 7210 Olive Blvd. 63130
Alpha Terrace 6105 Etzel 63133
Ferguson Recreation Center 1050 Smith Avenue 63135
Peoples Health Center 49 North Florissant Road 63135
Emerson YMCA 3390 Pershall Road 63135
North County Recreation Complex 2577 Redman Avenue 63136
Boys & Girls Teen Center for Excell. 9200 West Florissant Avenue 63136
Dellwood Recreation Center 10266 West Florissant Avenue 63136
Bellefontaine Recreation Center 9669 Bellefontaine Road 63137
Badenfest Apartments 8220 North Broadway 63147
Badenhaus Apartments 8450 Gast 63147
Living with Purpose 8005 North Broadway 63147
Empowerment Center 907 Dock Street 63147
Peoples Health Center 11642 West Florissant 63033

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