Cannabis – commonly called weed – is now legal in Missouri, and there’s a lot to talk about.

So, let's start the conversations.

We’re sharing the facts about cannabis use and legalization to dispel myths, start conversations and – ultimately – prevent harm.


More people are in addiction treatment for cannabis than for all other illicit drugs combined.

THC, the primary mind-altering substance in cannabis, is physically and psychologically addictive.

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THC builds up in the body’s fatty tissue and – unlike alcohol – can stay in one’s body system for days, weeks or months, depending on how regularly one consumes it.

Regular use of cannabis has been connected with an increased risk of mental illness like depression, schizophrenia and worsening bipolar symptoms. Like alcohol, cannabis also makes driving unsafe by delaying reaction time and distorting perceptions of space and depth.

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THC is used in some medicines to reduce pain and increase appetite, but these medications do not use THC in the raw form found in cannabis, are used in controlled doses and undergo rigorous FDA testing.

Cannabis cannot be prescribed by doctors, and major medical organizations like the American Medical Association and American Cancer Society do not support the decriminalization or legalization of cannabis.

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Our downloadable toolkits and in-person programs, below, are here to support you and help start the tough conversations, without stigma and shame.


Tune in to this special edition of our PrevenTable podcast for conversations about cannabis rooted in research. Hosted by PreventEd Executive Director Nichole Dawsey and guided by your questions, our In The Weeds minisodes cover issues from legalization to health and wellbeing.


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Through a supportive environment, GuidEd enhances motivation to change, helps explore the consequences of substance use, and works to develop healthier alternatives.

It’s Complicated

Initiation of cannabis use is common during the high school years. It’s Complicated is a cannabis peer-teaching program for high school students.

Adult Assessment

Prevention, Education and Support is for adults too. Our Adult Assessment connects adults with the resources to make positive changes in their lives.

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Our Talk About It campaign focuses on the use and misuse of drugs and alcohol and is dedicated to giving families the encouragement, resources, and tools to have these life-changing discussions.

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