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Need A Drink? Non-Alcoholic Bars Are Available In St. Louis

St. Louis is famous for its local and international breweries that brews over 40 beers and counting. While this means a lot to the tourism industry it can be difficult for those recovering from alcohol misuse, do not want to start drinking, or are sober-curious.

That is where non-alcoholic bars come in. And yes, St. Louis does have them!

Sans Bar STL, a non-alcoholic pop-up started in Austin TX by Chris Marshall and brought to St. Louis by Annie O’Donoghue after she and Nichole Dawsey, Executive Director of PreventEd, met.

Benefits Of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The goal of Sans Bar is to provide a bar-like experience without the alcohol for all to enjoy. It’s the bar without the booze!

Non-alcoholic drinks aren’t your simple Shirley Temples. Alcohol-free spirits and drinks have risen in popularity and are bartender-approved. Not to mention you can try different flavors without the worry of mixing different types of alcohol.

Host Your Next Alcohol-Free Event

Sans Bar STL will proudly serve handcrafted alcohol-free cocktails at your next event. Contact Annie for more information!

Start Your Alcohol-Free Journey Today

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