What is GuidEd & How Can It Help Teens?

Most parents and caregivers are at a loss when they realize their child is misusing substances. Common situations are finding an e-cigarette device (like a vape pen) in a teen’s room, smelling cannabis, or having alcohol on their breath. Maybe you’ve noticed medications missing from the medicine cabinet.

Learning your kids are misusing substances can stir up a lot of feelings from parents and caregivers. But, once this has come to light, what’s next? What can parents do to support their children?

Recognizing That Substance Use Affects The Whole Family

Sometimes, when substance misuse is discovered, the focus is on the person struggling with alcohol or other drugs. Substance use issues are a family issue. What affects one person affects all family members, directly or indirectly. Discussing the concerns of all family members and exploring options can be very empowering for the individual and their family.

In many cases, parents may be feeling guilty and place blame on themselves or another family member. Parents might be comparing one child’s experience with their other children. Parents have to figure out how to support their children while also processing their feelings and learning more about substance use and treatment or non-treatment resource options for their teen.

GuidEd Offers No-Cost Counseling Services For Teens & Their Caregivers

At PreventEd, we offer GuidEd, a no-cost counseling option for anyone 19 years old or under. Teens and their parents or caregivers will meet with a counselor virtually or in person, complete an assessment, discuss the situation, and develop a plan that works for the teen and their family.

Not every person requires intensive treatment to address problematic substance use. GuidEd is not a treatment program. A combination of Guidance and Education, GuidEd is a nonjudgmental, collaborative counseling program designed to provide a gentle course correction for teens misusing substances.

At PreventEd, we believe that the more information people have, the better prepared they are to make positive choices. That’s why GuidEd is designed as a short-term, educational option. Individual counseling sessions and small group workshops meet teens and their parents/caregivers using motivational interviewing and judgment-free support. Our six no-cost workshops include Alcohol, Risk of Substance Use Disorders (aka Addiction), Drugs 101 (which provides information about Vaping/E-Cigarettes), Cannabis (aka Marijuana), Positive Outlets, and Decision Making.

To get in touch with a counselor or make a referral, call 314-962-3456 or click here to fill out the contact form.

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