Syringe services programs

Syringe services programs and how they promote public safety

Syringe services programs are community-based programs designed to help people who use drugs reduce the risk of diseases with safe needles. They may also provide assistance with finding housing, food, and healthcare, and screening for infections and STDs, vaccinations, and counseling.

These programs are part of a range of harm reduction measures and can differ in size and scope from community to community.

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits of a syringe services program and the services they can provide:

Provides safe syringe disposal

When used syringes are safely disposed of, they are removed from the community and public areas. This not only protects the person who uses drugs, but other people such as children and first responders from accidental needlesticks.

May provide counseling resources

According to the CDC, individuals who utilize syringe services programs are three times more likely to seek treatment than those who don’t. Syringe services programs may supply counselors who work to provide resources as well as counseling services (including trauma-informed counseling). In addition, certified peer specialists may be available to share their story of recovery and help establish a healthy, supportive environment.

Provides overdose prevention supplies

Syringe services programs are essential in preventing fatal overdoses by providing supplies like Narcan, as well as education on how to recognize the signs of an overdose.

The scope of harm reduction resources provided can vary from program to program. If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, reach out to a PreventEd counselor today. PreventEd is a leader in the field of substance and alcohol use prevention programs. Since our inception in 1965, we have reached thousands of individuals through community programs, counseling referral services, and advocacy.

Please note that PreventEd does not have a syringe services program. We provide overdose education and training to help community members understand opioid overdoses and prevent them. We also provide Narcan to the general public for free, and it is also available over-the-counter at local pharmacies. This drug can save a life, and we recommend that everyone learn how to use and carry Narcan.

See upcoming Overdose Education and Narcan Distribution Trainings or get in touch with our office to request Narcan.

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