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Power Of Peers At PreventEd

We are affected by the people we surround ourselves with. When it comes to substance misuse recovery, it is essential that individuals find a support system that will encourage and support them. Wherever they may be.

This is where the power of peers come in.

What Is A Certified Peer Specialist?

A certified peer specialist (CPS) is someone who was addicted to a substance. They have lived that path and is in recovery. They have the ability to meet a patient wherever they are in their personal recovery process. With a certified peer specialist, no conversation is “off the wall.” They can provide guidance and answers to difficult questions and help others navigate system for treatment, housing, obtaining drivers’ licenses, and other essential services.

Certified peer specialists are credentialed by the Missouri Credential Board. They apply, attend a 40 hour training and must pass a Missouri Credentialing Board exam. Once completed, attend continuing education courses. These classes cover topics such as Ethics.

Where Do Certified Peer Specialists Work?

A certified peer specialist will work in a variety of environments from hospitals, small treatment providers, as treatment court mentors, and with PreventEd.

PreventEd Awarded Grant For Peer Work

In 2020, PreventEd was awarded a grant to create a program to focus on building a Certified Peer Specialist Program, which hires people in recovery to support the mission of helping others seeking help and get into recovery.

In February 2021, PreventEd began taking clients and have more than 60 client relationships. And that number is growing! We have seen a number of organizations and businesses come on board to provide accommodations in the workplace to help their communities fight substance misuse and support other programs.

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