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What is the Never Use Alone Hotline?

Using substances alone can be very dangerous. If you need medical care due to an overdose or other medical emergency, help may not reach you in time. The Never Use Alone hotline helps reduce this risk through having someone available over the phone who can help establish a safety plan and send medical help if needed.

The Never Use Alone hotline can be reached at 800-484-3731.

Never Use Alone is designed with harm reduction and overdose prevention in mind

Never Use Alone is a hotline available across the United States to prevent overdoses and save lives. This hotline is used alongside other harm reduction methods like safe use sites, overdose education, access to Narcan, and free syringe services programs.

The goal is to minimize the risk of a fatal overdose. Volunteers with the Never Use Alone hotline, “must have lived substance use disorder experience and harm reduction experience.”

Calls to Never Use Alone are confidential

Whenever you call the Never Use Alone hotline, your information is never stored and always confidential. You will be asked your name and exact location, and the substance you are using. This information is needed so operators can send emergency assistance to your location if needed. The EMS will be the only ones your information is given to and the emergency will be reported as an “unresponsive person” instead of an “overdose”.

Never Use Alone is not affiliated with law enforcement or any treatment centers. However, if you want treatment resources your operator will provide them if asked.

PreventEd is here to help

If you need harm reduction resources, fentanyl test strips, Narcan, or access to treatment, that help is available at PreventEd. PreventEd provides individuals and their families with the resources they need to begin their recovery journey and prevent overdoses. We can give you an objective, professional assessment and referrals to resources that match your circumstance, needs, and situation.

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