What Is ElevatEd?

PreventEd has been a leader in the field of substance use prevention programs since 1980. We are dedicated to serving our communities and people of all ages. Our team of counselors, community strategists, teachers, and volunteers work to promote healthy environments in schools and everyday life through prevention education programs.

Our school-based prevention programs have served over 65,000 children annually to:

  • Build resiliency skills in youth, from pre-K to high school
  • Create better learners and more engaged students
  • Develop skills to overcome peer pressure, build healthy friendships and make low-risk choices
  • Create peer groups and leadership opportunities that promote bonding to school and community

ElevatEd is a teen-led coalition of 9th-12th graders that strives to create safe spaces where young people can discuss alcohol-related topics in an open, understanding environment. The group meets regularly and has no set agenda; instead focusing on building relationships with others. Their motto is “safe space, open conversation.”

By working to prevent teen and substance misuse, ElevatEd is making a positive difference in the lives of countless young people.

What Does ElevatEd Do?

ElevatEd examines the similarities between mental health and outside factors like substance use, and promotes mental wellness in our community. They use their voices to advocate for substance use prevention and mental health issues that impact the lives of teens.

ElevatEd is also responsible for Hear Us, an annual youth advocacy program and trip to Jefferson City. The program works to teach teens how to advocate for themselves and others. This includes learning about how legislation may prevent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug misuse.

People of all backgrounds and viewpoints are encouraged to join the conversation and share their opinions to achieve a better understanding of one another.

ElevatEd meets every month, and periodically hosts social get together as well.

We meet the third Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm, on zoom.  To learn more about getting involved in ElevatEd, you can connect with Emily Wilkerson.

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