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When it comes to substance use, mental health, and other social issues, how prepared is your workplace? PreventEd provides professional development for schools, health care, and professional offices, promoting safe and informed environments.

Navigating Current Ethical Issues

We provide ethics training for mental health and substance use professionals. This training is essential for those seeking to get or renew their credentials. Training objectives include:

  • Become familiar with accepted principles and practices that guide ethical decision making.
  • Provide a framework for navigating dilemmas.
  • Practice applying a code of ethical conduct.

Understand challenges your local community faces

From teen mental health to LGBTQIA+ issues, professionals need to understand the challenges their community faces. For example, in the LGBTQIA+ community, a lack of professional support and a high risk of losing their job due to their sexual and/or gender identity creates high levels of stress that may cause those individuals to turn to substances to cope.

If you’re a school, the mental health of students is essential to their well-being. Professional programs help staff recognize the signs of suicide, as well as depression and self-harm. Trauma-informed education approaches can also be learned to create and maintain a safe school environment where every child can thrive.

Help create balanced, well-functioning teams

Does your professional team work well together? Poor work relationships and struggling to balance work-life contribute to workplace stress. When people are stressed, some may turn to alcohol or other drugs to cope. When that relationship with substances becomes unhealthy it may impact their work.

Hue Me is a personality inventory PreventEd leads with teams to help them understand and recognize different roles and personality traits within their group. When a team works well together and problems are addressed in a healthy and timely manner, work-related stress is reduced.

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At PreventEd, we have a wide range of professional development programs available throughout the year. If you would like to learn more or schedule a training session, please contact us today.

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